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Cancellation Rules for Kayak Club Members

Booking Window
You may reserve a boat a minimum of 2 hours before and up to 2 weeks in advance.  Inside of 2 hours you can simply show up without a reservation and can choose from what is available.


As with all reservations we request a minimum of 24 hours notice on cancellations. (Except in the case of rain or strong winds)  Please refrain from booking a boat everyday and then cancelling at the last minute.  This is unfair to other members and clients and potentially costs us a paid booking. To help curb this practice, we are implementing a 3 Strikes Policy.

3 Strikes Policy
Members who have cancelled inside of 24 hours or no showed 3 times will have all their future booking deleted and they will no longer be allowed to book online for a period of 2 weeks. Only walk in bookings will be allowed.  

Cancellation Rules for Renters

Refunds are permitted provided you give us 24 hrs notice via email. Please reply to your confirmation message and include the last four digits of the credit card used in the transaction.


Refunds are also given in the case of breakage not the fault of the client or severe weather (Severe weather includes rain during the booking time, winds in excess of 30km/h or temperature below 15 degrees celcius.


Should you need to cancel inside of 24 hours, a credit for a future booking with be offered.


No refunds are offered in the case of no-shows.

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